Lash Myth life

“Lashes are not everything, but they do make everything better “

I get asked so many questions about lashes and panics from people thinking that one set is going to ruin all there on lashes forever and just be one big lash less disaster - but have no fear(as I always say it is just an illusion after all) I’m here to clear up all the confusion with a quick explanation of lash myths. 


* “If I wash my lashes wont they all fall out?” 


INCORRECT - Keeping your lashes clean (video on my Instagram and YouTube channel) has the complete opposite effect. Your skin naturally produces oils and so it is typical for our natural oils to sit in your lash extensions. Over  time if the oils, as well as dirt and debris from just living your best life daily with make-up etc., builds up and can loosen the lash extension glue - therefore causing them to fall out. Not to mention your eyes are important tools so keeping the eye area as hygienic as possible to do their job and serve us well as humans. 


* “Wont Lash extensions make all my lashes disappear and never grow back” 


INCORRECT When choosing a well-trained lash technician, lash extensions will not magically pull all your natural lashes out if the correct after care advice is followed. My top go totips for the best healthy set are… Never go too long with thickness and length compared to your lashes. Your lashes are like the structure for the extension so you have to respect what it can physically hold (your lash technician can advise you). The pictures you see on Instagram may not always be what is best suited to you and your lashes. Picking at anything is never good , boogies included , if you’ve just spent time and money on lovely new lashes then it is important to respect your time as well as your lash health by not picking them all out . If you feel the urge I’d suggest getting an elastic band on your wrist and pinging that instead. Over time if you pick at your lashes your root will weaken causing issues when growing back lashes in the future. We all want pretty lashes to look at, so please try not removing them before they are ready. All lash lovers know how amazing lashes feel but it is also very important to have a break to let your naturals have a little breather every few months. Again your lash technician will be able to help you with this.  


* “My eyes are all going to get stuck together, it will be a disaster , and I’ll never be able to see again”


INCORRECT I just want to point out that if the correct precautions are followed this will not happen . It’s important to find yourself a good, well-established, lash technician (cough cough all my girls at Holly Sheens Beauty #PlugMyself) tape and or pads are applied to your bottom lashes so this will prevent this from ever happening, if applied correctly. On a side note if your tape or padding feels uncomfortable please don’t be afraid to speak up and let your lash technician know. Adjustments can be made to make you feel more comfortable. 


* “Don’t make me look like daisy to cow”

When it comes to lash style it’s important to get clear on what it is you want in order for you to get the service you’re happy with . 

My top tips would be:

* Before your appointment check your technicians previous work on Instagram for example and pick a few styles you like 

* Natural, medium or full on - ask yourself what one you will suit more and discuss with your technician 

* Be picky and clear - set your lash standards high (I personally love this as it keeps me on my lash toes) but make sure your clear and let your technician know what look you are hoping for

* Pick a lash technician that who’s work you like - lashes are such a popular treatment meaning there are lots of different technicians out there. We all have different styles we like that reflect us, none are wrong or right it’s just that each client will gravitate to a different style, pick someone who suits yours . If your Friend is recommending someone and they rave about how amazing their lashes are but you find their lashes too full on, maybe do your research and find someone who suits your wants and needs , like anything in life don’t just settle raise your standards high girls ... and boys 


These are just a few comments I am used to hearing all the time , until a client takes the plunge and has eyelash extensions they usually finds it hard to ever leave the lash life and can’t believe they ever even questioned it in the first place. Not to be taken too seriously lashes are a cool fun way to just perk yourself up and add convenience to your life. 


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come at me confidence

I am forever playing little games and challenges to make me more confident. I am a strong believer that with confidence comes power to take action and make life great . I could go on about the life changing benefits of confidence all day and how being confident is just Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious . But,for now, I’m going to let you into my secrets on how I have grown in self-confidence and what I do to when I need a little confidence boost at a time when a limited belief is trying to worm it’s way though my thinking habits. 

Start off by getting yourself a note book and write down all the things you have previously achieved in your life, things that in your toughest of times you never thought you could do but now have. I like to break it down to myself like this: 

Step 1 - 

Realise how and what you were thinking before you had achieved your task and where your mind-set was at. ask yourself What was thinking before I achieved this thing I never thought I’d be able to do? But now smash it out the bag 

This will show you this lie you told yourself in all its glory for example I’m looking at my notes now and my first ‘punch’ in my limited beliefs stomach is- 

Leaving school and thinking I wouldn’t physically be able to make it out my room (as I had bad anxiety at the time) let alone get myself to Beauty College 

*I then like to picture myself when I was back at this point in my life and sense how I would have been feeling and what I would have been telling myself * 

Step 2 - 

See the contrast of what it is your now doing that is against this belief. 

Celebrate your success of what, at one point, you couldn’t believe you would achieve but now have.. I suggest writing lists of everything you have achieved that goes against your original belief. My example from my leaving school amounting to nothing would be that now I : 

- Run a pretty successful business and absolutely love it with all my heart and soul 

- Have my own website 

- Forever going on training courses 

- I love adventure and now spend hardly any of my spare time in my room which I once thought I was stuck to 

This list could go on but just a few examples so you can get the idea (not all about me haha)

Step 3- 

You have now seen yourself achieve the task that at one stage you believed was impossible. It’s important to realise that sometimes we hold ourselves back just by a lack of confidence in ourselves. Whereas, in reality you can create anything you want, it’s just our brains that needs convincing and you’ve now seen that something in your past has been overcome . All you have to do is notice when you get a thought that’s not serving you, as a person, and realise that in the past you once felt a certain way and look at you now . Really register your achievements and celebrate yourself for doing them and when new challenges that arise in your life that don’t fill you with confidence realise why you should because you done the impossible before so why not now ? 

Basically just know that you are perfection and never let not feeling confident stop you from achieving your desires . This little task just shows you that you can do it because you already have 🤗

Upgrading our way of thinking and being

If you imagine the world as a perfect little place where every human does what they truly desire and are passionate, it would literally be amazing! Everyone seeing one another(even strangers) as a “family” with no judgement, no hate just pure uplifting energy and love, the world would be full of amazing creations. 


I strongly believe that people like Oprah, Tony Robbins, Will Smith and Stephen Hawking have gifts that they’ve unlocked inside themselves, leading them to create their greatness that all of us humans share, BUT have not yet connected to. We have to take the responsibility for getting that gift. 


You can’t control circumstances that happen outside of you,but what you can control is how you choose to think and deal with them. My motto is grow through what you go through!Meaning, you may have to grit your teeth and go through some tough times to unlock the next level of your life!


You see, to connect to your inner power continuously throughout your life and really become the person you’re meant to be, to make a change on this planet, we have tochange our way of thinking. This is what has helped me upgrading my thinking as follows: 


• Never judge yourself more than once - That’s all you need to learn from mistakes. We all make them! The difference in people, is how many times we make the same mistake before we learn. Never feel guilty about it afterwards, as guilt Serves no purpose once your situation is dealt with.


• Never judge others - I can’t say it enough, this alone will change your life! Never give someone else the power to bring your energy down, it’s a wasted time and you’renot responsible for anyone else but yourself! Which funnily enough, brings me to my next point. 


• Take responsibility for yourself and your actions - You only control you, so don’t try to blame anyone else for anything you have done or for how you have acted, as their actions reflect them and not you. My favourite quote is “if someone respects you, respect them, if someone disrespects you, still respect them, your actions represent yourself and not others” 


• Don’t be a victim to your circumstances - Life happens!The good feeling stuff and the not so good feeling stuff,but if we still know we can hold our s*it together when times get tough, we will never loose ourselves and just grow even more. 



• Get excited by the bad times – It’s like training a muscleat the gym, it must hurt to grow, it has feel a bit on the sore side before it gets stronger. It’s the same with our minds, but you have to make it your choice to, as my saying goes: GROW THROUGH WHAT CHUUU GO THROUGH!! 


• Always see the positives in your situation and the people you’re surrounded with - What you focus on grows.Grow that positive stuff up like your life depended on it,because it basically does. 


• Do your best – But, know your best will be different on different days and that’s ok! Sometimes I feel like I could run a marathon, other days I know my body needs rest and that is the beauty of balance.


• Get rid of excuses - Do what’s most important first and make no exceptions! Getting what truly sets your soul on fire is worth it! If that means getting up at 5:30am and missing the odd night out... Do it and feel grateful after! 


• Love yourself - If we are happy with who we are, we will always make our best choices for us and if everyone wasat their best, the world would be its best.


• Fog v’s reality - Now this is a little game I play with myself regularly. We all have disempowering thoughts, (these are what I call “the fog thoughts”) but what we need to realise, they’re not the truth! It’s just your thinking Limited beliefs , see your “foggy thoughts” as lies and write them down, then replace them with a more positive view on that same thought. 


• Realise that fear is just an illusion - Live your life in the moment and you will realise that fear is fake. Once you challenge the fear and do whatever it is your fearing, it disappears straight away right? Just before doing something I feel fearful of, I just think “feel the fear and do it anyway”.


The list could literally go on and on, but I do actually want people to finish reading this post! Get out there and truly start LIVING! Just remember we’re only on Earth for a short amount of time, so we might as well enjoy it lots and lots! By doing that, we have to look after ourselves and become our best to shine our light on everyone so we can all grow on this planet together 🌱🌎

A heathy body starts with a healthy mind

achieving a goal is more about who we have to become in order to get the goal

Before anyone reads, here’s a quick reminder - no matter what point you’re at in your life, you are an amazing person. No matter what your circumstances and human shell look like at the moment, this does not define who you are as a person. What you look like does not make you any more or less of a person. However, I’m all about becoming the best possible version of yourself and what brings this to life is the actions you take and mindful thinking . When trying to lose weight there are a lot of emotional barriers that we need to fix first . I am so passionate about health and fitness but to do it effectively you have to realise that it all starts with your mental health and strength. One thing I will always live by when making diet and fitness choices is that what I choose to try and experiment with is not just benefiting the size of me or how I look but it’s conditioning me as a whole. In other words, it’s got to be giving me energy, satisfaction , drive, excitement and most of all its got to be fun . This is my journey but I think everyone has their own journeys so just read with a relaxed belief and take the bits that suit you. Personally it’s not a one size fits all but I do think it’s great to get ideas and inspiration from others and then mould them into your life in a way that suits you. 

I get so many questions about how I lost three stone and how I have maintained my weight since. My honest answer is that I’ve chosen to by changing myself through a complete transformation of my mind-set. It has been a massive journey for me that is still growing not just in my health and fitness but every aspect of my life today . The sheer joy and happiness I honestly feel every day makes me to want to spread to as many people as possible. Anyone who’s wanting to change something that’s holding them back in life or wanting to achieve something they feels out of reach this is how I first started to change my mind-set. I believe this is key to doing anything and a must with your health and fitness. I feel like I’ve lived practiced and still learning more everyday about it . Your life is a gift and it’s a disservice to this world to not grow yourself to your best possible version of you. 

Not just in losing weight and looking and feeling good but becoming the person you want and deserve to be. This is how I changed my mind set I hope it helps someone the same way it helped me and even if fitness and health is not something you are interested in you can apply this method and ways of living to anything in life. The key is finding your happiness and growing with it forever so I’ll get started. ( before I do what I normally do and talk about 300000 subjects in one haha here goes ... ) 

Not to get into too much depth of how I had a more negative mind-set in the past. (because I’m just not about that life anymore). But to give you an idea of my past, I was overweight, stuffing my face, lying to myself all the time about how much I was comfort eating. I would sit and feel sorry for myself for being big forgetting that it was actually me causing it. I would live in constant struggle and disbelief with my relationship with food. I tried 100’s of “diets” not eating enough and then having massive binges and drinking everything insight at the weekend (Note to self the drinking is still a work in progress but one step and a time right ?). The main problem I faced was balance. I did go to the gym on average 4 times per week and ate very healthy alongside that. However I would then have a “cheat day” once a week where once ( no lie) I actually had McDonald’s, KFC , Wagamma’s a pack of biscuits, crisps and cheesecake (all of which I would not consume now as I’m actually vegan). To add to those large portions I probably ate my friends leftovers too (Whoops). Another bad habit of mine would be that I would eat my dinner and then go on to finish my dad’s leftovers, which he would have saved for his Lunch. (just to confirm we now have a much better Father – Daughter relationship since I haven’t been stealing his food) I would also snack constantly every night thinking it was ok because the food I eating was typically seen as healthy looking back I was massively emotionally eating . So I got myself in this rut where I was lying to myself and being a victim of situations that I was deciding for myself. 

Things all changed for me, two years ago, when I went on holiday to Mexico with my two Friends, both of which were tiny, especially compared to me at the time . Being on holiday with them was a massive shock to me and it was the first time I had the realisation of how I looked and how unhappy I was with myself. It was a massive reality check for me (which I’m so grateful for now). These feelings pushed me to wanting to make a change. So, on all the days when I felt so self-conscious and anxious about my body, I said to myself once I was home it’s on! I’m going to change my life after this holiday. I even made up a little alter ego called ‘Fatima’ and every time I ate I would just say well it’s not me it’s ‘fats 😂’ for some reason this massively helped my mental attitude towards how I was feeling . It took away the guilt I felt towards food in the moment when I was away and didn’t want to be thinking and stressing about diets. so it meant I could get on with the holiday and just enjoy myself whilst I was away with the knowledge that I was going to do something when I was back. Thanks for that ‘Fatima’, I still love you loads. Side note/top tip when time gets tough I always see the issue as a little funny character or something it always makes the issue seem a lot easier to deal with - but to be honest I’m not sure if I’m that normal..! 

When I returned home from holiday, I felt so self-conscious and ugly. I sat in my room and had a little word with myself that when something like this… 

‘Girl, you can even accept that your this size and be happy about it and embrace it because everyone should feel confident with who they are, or you can do something about it and chose health and fitness as part of a permanent factor in your life no matter how much you have to try cause you aren’t feeling like this forever so babes change your life and live and breathe health and fitness’. So I chose the latter option, to keep trying. By choosing this option, the penny dropped and made me realise that I did want this to become a priority in my life I just didn’t have the confidence and ambition to follow through before . But now I had a different kind of hunger, this time I was hungry for change, not loads of processed food. 

I initially started by deciding that I was not going to be making any excuses for myself I had to accept and take responsibility for where I was at this point in my life. I would no longer blame my work schedule, friends, metabolism , will power, lack of knowledge or anything else for that matter. Now it was time to make my own choices and I was determined to put my all into it . I decided I’d never weigh myself as it never helped me at all and my weight didn’t matter anyway because I had already committed to the change so I knew I’d do it no matter how long it took. Not weighing myself massively helped me as it made me make my health and fitness lifestyle enjoyable Rather than feel like a military strict operation I just relied on how I felt within myself (as a bonus it helped with my mental attitude too!) 

My second step was to list my bad habits, which I can tell you now is not a fun task but a very beneficial one. Once my list was complete I would then aim to change them one by one - which just to point out there was so many that’s a whole different blog post for the future. I did not put any time pressure on myself I was changing my life for good so that did not matter to me at the time. Once I realised my bad habits I dealt with the easy ones first. I saw them like a puzzle, put ones that you can see go together first and then as you keep adding the pieces together the ones that you once had no clue about now fall into place. To this day, I still continue to do this - as who wants bad habits in their life? Not me. Whilst dealing with my list of bad habits, I would replace each one with a good habit. This is where my personal trainer, Liza, comes in. As I run my own business, I knew my schedule was crazy so the only option to go to the gym would be to get up early. I typically work 9-9 so to get myself to encourage myself I booked a PT session at 6am 2x per week. I knew once it was booked I couldn’t let her down especially as I run a business myself so I know how it feels Client’s not showing up . I hated it at first and felt so sorry for myself as I was making all these changes but just not seeing the results I wanted but I then started changing the words I was feeding my brain e.g. instead of oh poor me nothing’s working I’d say “oh hey girl you better up your game can’t wait to push myself more” . 

Once I got into the routine of getting up early I then started going to the gym in my garden(basically the shed) and watching workout videos in the Morning whilst working out, which has started to become a really enjoyable experience which is probably when it changed for me. As now I was really starting to enjoy my new lifestyle, rather just for vanity. This brings me on to my next little fitness experiment. Making this an enjoyable lifestyle I lived by the motto that I will only eat food that tastes good (still healthy) and when it comes to exercises I enjoyed I would try everything including: boxing videos , running , HIIT , weightlifting. Each morning when I woke up I would choose the exercise that I felt like doing, loving it with no resistance or bad feelings towards actions I was taking. Before each workout I would play my favourite music and just have a little sing and dance before getting focused and started on the workout. I remember my mum used to look at me from the kitchen and say I looked like a mad women dancing and singing by myself at 6am but honestly the key to happiness is not taking anything too serious. I genuinely started to just be crazy and enjoy this part of my morning as much as I physically could once I realised this it got became more enjoyable every time. The gym became a hobby rather than a chore which is a game changer. With anything in life I try and make it fun now, even the boring stuff. Being all fun and happy will mean different things to different people but for me I just recommend taking the seriousness out of certain situations because really the whole reason we want to get on it with this lifestyle in the first place is to be happy anyway so you may as well enjoy the journey as it on goes. 

One of the biggest changes I chose to make was the way I spoke to myself whilst I was losing weight. For me, I think it’s too accepted nowadays how negatively people talk to and about themselves and it’s so harming. What you think, you do become . I would say such discouraging things to myself “you’re too lazy to do that run” “people will look at me at the gym, it will be embarrassing “ “people are probably really confused that I look like this but always talk about being healthy” I would say stuff like this constantly just feeding the negative thoughts more which will never benefit anyone! I’m not saying you should lie to yourself and say things you genuinely don’t even believe about yourself but what worked for me was gradually changing I like to call it “upgrading” my thoughts to better ones that I actually believed so for example at the beginning of this journey I may have thought “you look hideous in that outfit” and changed to “if beauty had a twin it would be me”. As for how I was feeling in that moment, the statement wasn’t relatable and so would have probably made me feel worse. This would have highlighted what I wanted to be but felt couldn’t so, instead of making drastic changes to my thoughts, instead I’d slowly change them to better feeling thoughts like “ok I don’t look how I want right now but I’ve recognised it now so I can take the steps for doing it” then just keep changing the thought each time to and even better one so once I thought that I’d then be like “I’m actually doing well for taking action” then the next might have been “I’m so excited to try that new workout” to “aw well done you’ve stuck to plans” basically factual things that are true to you personally and make you feel good that are building you up to be living and seeing the true legend you really are. I see this little thing as a game I play with myself it wasn’t a one day thing I just started doing it and every day my thoughts changed for the better and I started to feel so much more confident and capable of reaching my goals therefore making it so much easier to follow through with my new rituals and habits that I’d started to develop. It’s the law of attraction you are what you think so make sure you think all the good thoughts about yourself and no matter how low or high your thoughts are about yourself always strive for better feeling ones because in my opinion we should all stop being greedy with food and start being greedy with feeling good emotions . 

Feeling confident with yourself is so important. I used to be so uncomfortable with the thought of it as I just didn’t seem who I truly was and it was a disservice to myself and others because it meant I never became the best version of myself. Confidence to me isn’t walking into a room and feeling better than anyone else. Confidence to me is just a feeling of freeness to be your true self and just live in acceptance of others and more importantly yourself, truly being who you are. I remember being in the gym one day struggling on my last few reps of burpees and Ed Sheeran and Stomzy ‘Shape of you’ started playing. It was literally music to my ears and at this point I was still quite low on confidence but for some reason I just started to laugh and pretend they were singing it to me. The buzz this gave me made me feel so good about myself, it even became a little personal joke. Anytime it came on the radio I’d get a confidence boost because the more I listened the more I envisaged them singing it to me - if you haven’t heard the lyrics it’s basically “I’m in love with the shape of you” so it just brought confidence and hope to me. Still to this day anytime I felt a little low and like giving up I listen to this song and it will just snap me out of it and bring back my motivation and just as an extra little bonus I even learned all the words, including Stormzys rap, which I still show off now and one of my best achievements. 

Surrounding yourself with positive good influences it’s a massive help. I know when you’re not feeling your best self it can be challenging to be with people who are succeeding in something you want so much, sometimes it can make you feel like you’re never going to be like them and brings out your insecurities. But please, let me promise you this that is just your alter ego talking. These people will be the best teachers for you if you let them. Don’t be afraid that you won’t match up, get excited by how much of what they have learned can be passed to you. I became obsessed with talking to people who were on a much higher level of fitness than me. Talking and trying all the little bits and bobs they had learned on the way then using this newfound knowledge to benefit me . The people that I’m referring to don’t even have to be people you know. I loved, and still continue, to watch fitness Girls on YouTube and honestly I would get so much out of it . Try and not talk to people about it if they are in the same or worse mind-set than you, it’s not motivational at all! I stopped saying to anyone I was interacting with that I was on a diet or watching what I eat or losing weight for this holiday. I decided that I don’t actually need to mention these things anymore as I’m just going to live a healthy lifestyle with no rules. Cutting these things out of my vocabulary helped because when I was talking to someone who wasn’t necessarily on the fitness/health bandwagon (which does not make them any less of a person , I needed pure motivation at this point) it wouldn’t create a negative conversation about my change of lifestyle . 

....A few things that I know have helped massively in the changing of my mind-set.... 

Having a goal but being happy with where you are now - 

In life you only really truly have this moment the past has gone and who has a clue what the future holds. I used to always say “I’ll be happy once I look like this” or “I’ll start this new diet Monday” the excuse list could definitely go on . Once I stopped making excuses (because no matter what, there is always going to be an easy one to make to stop you from hitting your goals ) and started just being happy with who I was in the moment the ball started rolling so much quicker because whether it was the Holly that was 3 stone heavier than the Holly now or the Holly that just cried because she let someone else make her feel insecure or the Holly that was sick on her first run or the Holly that completed the ‘nuclear race’ and felt like a complete warrior or the Holly that decided to turn vegan or the Holly that felt so confident for the first time ever. Each moment in time was still me and still all as equally as special and important as each other as they lead to me becoming who I am in this moment. each part was either a lesson I was growing from or a moment I was just loving from. I feel like it’s the rollercoaster of life, you have ups and downs but if you know in each moment to make the most and do your best with what you’ve got and enjoy the process your goals will become much clearer and easier to reach. The point I’m trying to make is, why wait for tomorrow to come before you take action on your goals your excuses will always be there but you why not ignore them and chose to live a life you actually want to live . If you make small little changes in each of your present moments you’ll look back one day and be so full of good emotions and shocked how easy it actually all is when you like Nike, ‘just do it’. 

What’s your why’s - 

At the beginning I definitely think my willpower was the kick start in me creating new habits, routines and making good healthy choices for myself (especially when I wasn’t seeing results - for motivation). However, I don’t think willpower necessarily can last for a lifetime, which is what I want my healthy lifestyle to do. One thing that has kept me and still keeps me going is my whys . Why am I doing this? What’s it all for? I remind myself of why I’m doing it most days and write and read them religiously . These are reasons that fill me with excitement for life making me just want to be the fittest and healthiest I can be . 

My personal favourite whys are : 

1- I appreciate being a human and having a body does all it needs to keep me alive e.g. when I’m being my clumsy self and somehow accidently cut myself, my little blood cells run to the rescue and make my blood thicker so I don’t bleed to death . So I feel like I should feed it with all the best stuff I possibly can – Thank you blood cells. 

2- I like to live and energetic lifestyle and good food and nutrition equals good energy . I don’t think I could live the life I live if I wasn’t as healthy. 

3- Being happy and at peace is my most valued lesson in life. I aim for it always, to do this I like to try my best and challenge myself which is exactly what I do with my workouts, the feeling after is just incredible and makes me feel like I’ve achieved something every morning. I love having that focus and drive, it gives me something to wake up for. 

4- I do it for me. I feel like not many people understand me when I say this but having a good relationship with yourself if so important and going to the gym, for me, builds on that as it’s my “me” time, a time to switch off from everything else and just do my own thing. 

Adopting a healthy lifestyle should never be a negative experience for anyone. However, I feel that’s all people ever say. At the beginning of this journey, and even way before starting, I would constantly moan and feel sorry for myself. What I have come to realise is, 1- if I had just used my energy I was using to moan on taking action things could have been a lot easier and 2 - looking after yourself is the best feeling ever, feeling good from within just has magical benefits that I never would of realised if I didn’t push past the resistance. This should be a fun experience for you . You’re bettering yourself so no matter what it takes from you just remember what’s being added is so much better . There are so many diets and workout routines to follow on the internet which is great but I personally just think with me from the start what I have chosen to do is just let my diet and workouts evolve with me. At the beginning I wouldn’t have been able to do the workouts I do now and in a year I’m sure I’ll be doing things I can’t do in this moment. My advice would be just try everything, stick to the exercises you like, always try and better yourself and know that if you try your best that’s all you can do. Don’t compare yourself to others because you aren’t them and they aren’t you. Just do what you can in the moment that you’re in and always aim to grow and learn . Live free and fearless and make changes that will only enhance you has a person Chuck the negative thoughts and behaviours in what I like to call “the fu*k it bucket” (sorry mum) and enjoy your life cause we only regret the things we don’t do.

if you’ve stuck it to the end well done your already one step closer to reaching them goals I know it was a long one haha

lots of love

holly sheen

My go to beauty tips/habbits

My top beauty tips and habbits 

Whenever I read a blog I always skip the long introductions and head straight to the bullet points. I aim to keep this blog very me so I won’t bore you with making this more complex then it needs to be. So in short here are some of my favourite little beauty habbits/ tips that I love 💗 

Maintain a healthy lifestyle- 

I’m a big believer in what you put into your life you get back and I think the same goes when it comes to your body, if you fill yourself up with nutritious rich foods and get your body active it will run perfectly for you. I think if you look after your body it looks after you, beauty starts from within so looking after your body, the best way you can, will result in improved moods, clearer glowing skin, strength and tone in your body and more energy to give to the world your best version of yourself.

Nutrition -

Abit like my previous point but I feel like the subject of “healthy lifestyle” can become quite complex so I thought I’d touch on this abit more . I like to eat A balance of fats, protein and carbs in my diet as I feel that’s what makes me function at my best. Eating foods high in alkaline does wonders for my hair, skin and nails. Obviously everyone’s body is different so may not work for everyone the same way, it’s all about reasearching and trying until you find what works best for YOUR body. The foods I find best for this with me are....

- Spirallina powder/

- Wheatgrass powder

- Broccoli

- Avocados (literally just bae) 

- Coconut oil 

- Spinach 

- Lemons (hot lemon water normally) 

- Green tea 

Brows and lashes - 

I may be biased as I do own a beauty salon but I just feel like having fresh lashes and brows make such a difference to a person, they open your face up and allow you to spend minimum time getting ready, which is just a win win in my eyes 

Earnings - 

I know this is a strange one so I’m gonna keep it short as it really isn’t that complex, I just feel like a little pair of studs just boosts my looks instantly.

Dry brushing and moisturising-

Having soft skin just makes everything better every day after I shower, I dry brush only for like 1-5mins depending on how much time I have in an upward motion towards my heart p.s. this is amazing for reducing cellulite also. I will then follow by lovingly massaging (more like just shove it on as quickly as possible but you know for the blogs sake ) moisturiser all over my body. My favourites are mostly body shop products as they do not test on animals

Lip care - 

I find it so easy to forget about my lips within my general beauty routine but honestly when I do remember it makes me feel so good! I literally just exfoliate them normally with Kiehl's facial exfoliant and then pop on some of the Kiehl’s midnight recovery let it soak in and work its magic and then finish with abit of trusty Vaseline. Something so simple yet so effective.

Skin care routine -

Like most things everyone’s routine should be developed for there own personal wants and needs. My skin care routine (which I never go a day without doing) follows : cleanse tone and moisturise daily, the products I use change from time to time depending on what I feel my skin needs in the moment. Then I try to exfoliate and use a mask about twice a week just whenever I get the spare time really. I always say if you look after your skin while your young it will look after you when your old.

Mani’s and pedi’s 

Just because every girl feels more powerful with a little nail decoration. Having my nails done just makes me feel more like I have my sh*t together for some reason lol. I feel like it’s not even that deep, I just love having good new nails every 2-3 weeks. Although anyone who knows me, knows that I rarely make time for this ...oops *inserts monkey emoji face* 

Smelling good -

I just love a good scent whether it comes from a candle, hand wash, body wash or perfume they just make me feel good. Having a favourite perfume on always makes me feel so much more prettier and it literally only takes 2 mins and I’m all about that getting ready quick life. It sounds strange but I have certain perfumes that I wear on special occasions e.g. holidays , birthdays etc and whenever I want a quick mood booster I just spray myself with that scent and it takes me back to the good feeling memory. Little things like this just get me excited. Call me crazy but I just love feeling good ✌️

I am always finding new things that I love doing and also have things I do without even realising but these are just a few that I can think of as I sit here writing this on my lovely lunch break today. Hope someone else will enjoy doing these as much as I do. 

Have the best day everyone ✌️💗🌈

When we change the way we look at things , the things we look at change - Wayne dyer


Appreciating life and being grateful

For so many years I would say I was a big fat negative Nelly. I used to see everything in my life as a negative, pretty much just focusing on the wrongs in a situation. For example, I once went to Disney World in Florida and hated every minute of it. I caused myself to have multiple panic attacks a day just thinking of all the “bad things” that could happen. Some were more reasonable than others, like when a tornado warning flashed up on the news but some were irrational. For example, I convinced myself that Disney was going to clone my finger print and frame me for some mega horrific crime I hadn’t committed (I literally LOL at this now). I also worried about getting shot, getting on a bus, being around strangers, being eaten by a crocodile and even not being able to ever get home again (because I couldn’t possibly do the drive to the airport in a coach with strangers.) I can’t begin tell you the amount of stress and worry I caused myself, and I’m sure others around me. In those 2 weeks I was probably the most anxious, stressed and depressed I’ve ever felt. I will happily admit now that I literally caused it all myself. I laugh about this period of time so much as the person I am today I couldn’t be further from the girl I was then. Looking back I can see the problem I had was the way I was choosing my belief system. I believe that how you see the situation is the situation. Quite simply what you believe something is, it is. I could have chosen to appreciate the amazing new country I was getting to explore, the friendliness Americans expressed towards everyone, the amazing sun and being with family while in fucking Disney. I think you can never appreciate things or be grateful enough. It really does help you make the most out of life and makes you see things in the best possible way.

Now when I find myself moaning about certain things I then stop myself and realise that I’m just looking at the situation from the wrong angle. For example, when I first opened my beauty salon it was a massive shock to my system and I wasn’t necessarily prepared for how busy I’d get. I remember getting quite stressed and overwhelmed thinking thoughts like “All I do is work”, “I have no social life”. “I’m not good enough for how busy I get, I don’t deserve it”. I decided one day that these thoughts did not serve me at all, so I got a note book and started writing all the things that I love about my job. They would include things like: “I genuinely have love for my clients.” “I am in control of how I choose to run the business, so if I don’t like it I will change it.” “I have the best opportunity to better my life and others.” and “I have a passion for making people feel better, therefore this is the perfect business for me to have.” Once I started changing the way I thought, I went in to boss mode and just really owned it. 2 years later I couldn’t be happier with how far I’ve come and how the business is going. My confidence is at an all time high and I just genuinely love my life. I love having my shop to focus on and to be able to watch it grow. I am so excited to see what the future holds now.

So, from this my advice would be to just appreciate as much as you can, the good and the bad because you have the power to mould a situation to how you want it. You can choose to learn from a negative circumstance instead of wallowing in it. Try and make everything you do benefit you; whether it does it in the moment or will in the future. The ultimate aim is to enjoy life to its fullest and when you can switch your focus up to a full on gratitude/attitude mode you’ll start to find that your life just gets better and better. You won’t even be having to change the way you look at things as they will just be as you want them x x 


Holly sheens beauty- Beauty that starts within


One of my favourite quotes is by Ronald Dahl “A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

Having a beauty salon, I see first hand how much we all obsess over our looks. Don’t get me wrong I’m not by any means saying that’s a negative thing, it feels amazing when we feel amazing. But no matter how perfect your lashes are, how symmetrical your brows are and even how clear your skin is, nothing beats the glow in a persons face when they just feel good from inside. Beauty treatments can 100% add to how great a person can feel on the inside and I love that my career can make people feel better with the service I give! it’s an amazing to know I can provide that feeling for someone but In my opinion I believe that’s what beauty treatments should be just another little boost for a better feeling. I find that many people see beauty as a first priority instead of an added extra. We are all so much more then our looks and should constantly remind ourselves of this. The point I’m trying to make is that our state of well-being should always be the top of our list and what creates that good "well being" state of mind that will differ from person to person. My main tip I could give anyone would be to focus on what makes you feel genuinely happy and do it often. I urge people to really listen to YOUR body.

The things that make me feel beautiful from within are...

  • seeing the good points in everyone around me
  • having a healthy lifestyle and making that a priority
  • learning new skills
  • Reading
  • Always challenging myself
  • Leaving my comfort zone
  • Visualising my future exactly how I want it
  • Helping others
  • Trying to enjoy life as much as possible
  • Focusing on my breathing

These points may help others too. They may not be for everyone, but there will always be thousands of things people can do to get them in that good state of mind to just posses confidence which many people lack so find all them things that make you feel good from within and do the fU*k out of them . Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you will ever have in your life so make it amazing and find your inner true beauty because we all have it we just need to search from within to find it 

With lots of love 

Holly Sheen